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An outstandingly detailed producer pack from Crime Zcene, one of the most sought after up and coming producers in the STMPD Records and Revealed Recordings family.

The producer pack comes with many exclusive components, and never been done before video content.

1. Tutorial: over 2h 40m in run time, you learn first hand from Crime Zcene how to make an electro house track in FL using mainly samples from the Crime Zcene 789ten sample pack.

2. Sample Pack: an abundant selection of samples that have been used in many recent Crime Zcene singles. The pack includes kicks, claps, fills, snares, groove kicks, cymbals, drum loops with signature Crime Zcene grooves, mid and high percussion, meticulously crafted synth shots, FX shots, uplifters / downlifters, impacts, atmospheres, and textural elements that supplement the groove in a unique way to make your track stand out.

3. FL Project File: Contains everything from the tutorial except a select few sounds that came from other sample packs. All Crime Zcene synth patches, processing, and 789ten samples are available and ready for use.

– CZ Bass 01 – Rich and warm! registers nicely everywhere from nightclubs to laptop speakers, distorted to perfection.
– CZ Bass 02 – Thick and gritty electro bass.
– CZ Bass 03 (Lights Out) – The actual bass patch used in the STMPD Records hit LIGHTS OUT.
– CZ Bass 04 – A beastly growl designed with carefully executed EQ, compression, and LFO’s all built into the preset for you to get your hands on.
– CZ Bass 05 – The staple Crime Zcene filthy plucked bass.
– CZ Bass 06 – Deep, thicc, and sexy low bass that just hits the spot.
– CZ Bass 07 – A punchy and round yet hollowed out texture. Sits in an interesting pocket of any mix.
– CZ Lead 01 – Squelchy, nasty, and filled with angst. VERY signature Crime Zcene.
– CZ Lead 02 – Warm hollow lead with a delicately designed reverb that places it in a perfect spot in the stereo field to let your drums sit in front without conflicting with the lead.
– CZ Lead 03 – Robotic noises reminiscent of the classic BSOD square leads with a more modern balance.
– CZ Lead 04 – Dark, haunting, INTENSE.

– 789ten CZ_Patch_001 – Wonky, girtty, and just straight up dirty dutch.
– 789ten CZ_Patch_002 – An ominous atmospheric texture. Flexible support for any genre.
– 789ten CZ_Patch_003 – A modern pluck with a beautiful rounded attack and light distortion for a hint of that crystalized sparkle texture.
– 789ten CZ_Patch_004 – Synthesized groove kick, to supplement the main kick by hitting around it.
– 789ten CZ_Patch_005 – This bass is BEAST.
– 789ten CZ_Patch_006 – Chonky and round bass with a hint of portamento.
– 789ten CZ_Patch_007 – Punchy tonal bass that can double as a groove kick.

5. BONUS: Additional 1.5 hour tutorial in which Daniel creates the drop which two months later would be turned into an official remix for With Or WIthout You by Maddix, released on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

Additional footage spliced in throughout the tutorial that gives a glimpse into Daniel’s life outside of the studio.

Some highlights from this tutorial:
Daniel’s outstanding use of reverb automation in short intervals to completely change the feel and dimension of his drop with very precise and deliberate execution.

EQing of specific frequencies and selection/design of sounds that appeal to Daniel’s ear. It is very useful to watch Daniel EQ without him knowing in advance what frequencies he is going to alter, giving us a first hand look into his workflow.

Unique bass processing using a series of compression, EQ, and distortion, that provides an end result that sounds tight, full and balanced, and travels well in all speaker types.

In a never been done before cinematic approach, this music production tutorial not only gives insight into the technical aspects of the Crime Zcene sound, but also the personal elements of Daniel’s life and routines that keep him inspired and motivated in the studio.

As a producer of any skill level you will be able get your hands on tangible sounds and techniques, as well as a personal insight into what makes this STMPD Records and Revealed Recordings hit maker tik.

Host DAW’s Used In Tutorial: Fruity Loops, and Ableton Live

Main Plugins in FL Tutorial and Project File : Xfer Serum, Xfer OTT, Fab Filter Pro-Q 2, Fab Filter Saturn, Waves RBass, Cytomic The Glue, Xfer LFO Tool, Nicky Romero Kickstart, Soundtoys Decapitator, Xfer Dimension Expander, D16 Decimort 2, Waves SLL E-Channel, KiloHearts Disperser, Native Instruments Transient Master, Waves S1 Imager, Soundtoys Echoboy, Dada Life Endless Smile, Fab Filter Timeless 2, Waves TransX Wide, Cableguys Shaper Box, Waves SSLComp

Actively Demonstrated Plugins in Ableton Tutorial: Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, Cableguys Shaper Box, Valhalla Room, Infected Mushroom Manipulator, Xfer LFO Tool, Waves S1 Imager, Waves SSL Channel, Camel Crusher.

You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial, the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools.

See what the tutorial is like here:

FL Tutorial Run Time: 2h 42m 29s

Ableton Tutorial Run Time: 1h 7m 14s

Produced by Crime Zcene


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